The Process

I’m always on the lookout for quality, second-hand finds. I stop at yard sales and make trips to local thrift stores in search of vests, coats, kids clothes, and other fabrics. Thifting is in my blood—my family can attest. And I owe my grandmother for that, on top of everything else that makes her amazing, she never ever passes up a yard sale. I’m always conscious of the impact materials have on the earth. Reduce, reuse, recycle, repurpose! 

Its all about the eyes! Every Wild Woog starts out eyes first and evolves into a full sketch. I usually sketch anywhere from 3-15 at a time to bring to life either now or years from now.

I choose 3-5 Wild Woogs to bring to life at a time. I decide wether I’ll needle felt or sculpt the face from clay purely based on whichever medium I’m feelin’ in that moment. 

Clay faces start with an aluminum foil armature, sculpted over with clay, baked, and then hand painted.

Needle felt faces are sculpted using pre-dyed wools and a tiny needle specific to needle felting (yes, my fingers often fall victim to the point of the needle).

Selecting the furs take some time. Color theory comes into play here. Which colors work well together? Which color brings out the best in another color? Which patterns compliment one another? Are the combinations too busy? Not catchy enough? There’s lots of thinking happening here. I hold the finished face up to almost every piece of fabric I have to select the body color. Then, I decide arm colors, ears, legs, etc. I carefully unseam each article of clothing to get the most of the chosen fabrics and cut each piece to size for the Woog.

I use a mix of hand stitching and machine stitching to create each Woog. I hand stitch the face to the body fabric and then use the sewing machine to make arms, legs, hands, ears, feet, horns, etc. After everything is sewn, I stuff each part with a mix of polyfil and tiny fabric scraps from previous projects. Once everything is stitched and stuffed, I hand stitch all the Wild Woog parts together. I don’t use a pattern for any of the Woogs I create, so every Woog is completely unique and one-of-a-kind.

Each Woog is one of a kind—just like you. It’s my hope that each Wild Woog will find its human counterpart and party on together.

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