Meet the artist behind Wild woogs

I am the artist and creator behind Wild Woogs. Wild Woogs are handcrafted sculptures for the warped and whimsical and for those of us who feel forever younger than we are. Sewn with the hope and intention that my Wild Woogs will re-awaken the inner child of the adults who (sometimes unknowingly) need it most. 

I have been crafting Wild Woogs since 2017. The mediums I use, and second-hand-materials I find, keep my work free flowing, exploratory, and always evolving. Bouncing between mediums helps me stay focused, engaged, challenged and excited about making new sculptures for all of you! I am based in the mountains of Vermont but Wild Woogs like to get out, travel, explore and can be shipped world wide. 

hi, its me, Natalie!

Let's get to know each other

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I bought fabric while studying abroad in Athens Greece, and tried to sew my very first soft sculpture.



My final body of work for my Senior show consisted of mixed media art, from polymer clay, paint, photography, etc. I loved, studied and played with all the mediums!  




Moved to Ayutthaya, Thailand to teach English. Collected plastic bags and started making monster sculptures in my free time. Makin' Art has always been a must for me. I use whatever I can find around me and make something with it. 





Bought an old van with my partner, Dave and hit the road. I sold art along the way to make a little extra money. Settled in Bellingham WA in 2017, created Wild Woogs. Bought myself a sewing machine and YouTubed how to use it.





Moved back to the east coast to be closer to family. Settled in Vermont, knew I wanted to keep focusing on my art. Joined 3 farmers markets and never could have imagined how well received and loved my work would be! Thank you all for the support and enthusiasm!



This is what it really looked like...

it doesn't just happen overnight

While each Wild Woog is handcrafted by me, I couldn't do it without the support of my husband, Dave, who builds me everything I need, from shelves to display set-ups, sewing tables etc. and our two girls, Walnut and Laverne, who keep me company in the studio. When you see us at a local market be sure to say hi and snap a photo with our mascot, Morris H. Washington AKA The Big Woog (he also loves hugs!)

Meet the team

(aka: Pup #2)

(AKA: pup #1)

The big woog
(AKA: mascot )

(aka: My #1 fan)

Nothing inspires me more than being in nature.

I'm so grateful to live a life full of creativity and inspiration!

Every Woog starts out as a little sketch in my notebook.

Making Wild Woogs is a central part of my world, but there's more to it than just sewing them together. 
When I'm not in my studio you'll find me with family and friends, outside, hiking, xc skiing, snowboarding, wandering in the woods, floating down a river, and in a rare sighting, you may catch me mountain biking.

Time outside helps me reset and find new inspiration for my work. I often see a woog face in the bark of a tree trunk, the shape of a rock, the shadows of the leaves etc. I balance my studio time with the rest of the things I love, and return to my work refreshed and ready to create each day. 

A look into the world of Woogs

Find your Woog in a way that works best for you! Swing by one of the local markets to see, feel, hug and adopt your woog in person, or check out my online shop, where your woog could be waiting for you! Don't see your perfect match? Feel free to contact me with your idea(s) and we can work together to bring your inner Woog to life. 

ways to adopt your own woog!