one of a kind
handmade, upcycled
fabric art for the
wild at heart

I am a fabric artist based in the mountains of Vermont, the creator of Wild Woogs. Wild woogs are one of a kind, handcrafted, fabric sculptures, up-cycled from sweaters, vests etc. It is my original and continued intention that my artwork revive our juvenescence, awaking our inner child, breathing delight back into our ordinary days, re-enchanting the adult world. It is my hope that my work brings you as much joy as I get from making them. 

"There is power in whimsy. Whimsy is enthusiasm that refuses to defend itself with practicality. It is finding meaning in pure enjoyment. it is the practice of honoring delight for delights sake. when being awake feels gray and stale, try inviting more whimsy into your life"
-Jarod Anderson 

i'm Natalie!

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The whimsy you should add to your life!

Recently Adopted

"So glad I went back for him, decided to call him Vern. Its ridiculous how many happy tears I shed carrying him around with me that morning! your work is valued!"

Woog's Name: Vern

"This is our 5th Woog. We always love when new ones come out. Annette is exactly as described. Such a little beauty."

Woog's Name: Annette

"Easily the cutest art I own. He's incredibly well made and as excited as I am to have him I'm also equally excited to pass him down someday because I know he'll last. He's now our 3rd Wild Woog! Natalie has the best customer service too."

Woog's Name: SIR MAPLE

"Mr. soup was our first of three woogs and he makes us smile every day. he sits right on our desk and we can't have people over without someone pointing him out. the quality of natalie's work is incredible and her customer service is awesome. so happy!"

Woog's Name: Mr. Soup

"Highest quality! Natalie is excellent, creating unique one of a kind characters every time. I couldn't be happier and that goes for the little girls who got the Wild Woogs too!! A collection could be in their future... "

More kind words:

"How cute is this fella?!?!?! So well made, he makes me smile every time I look at him! Natalie was excellent to work with! Happy to be her first sale, and definitely not her last! :)"

More kind words:

"This wonderful and wacky little guy makes me smile every time I look at him! He’s extremely well made and shipped out quickly! Couldn’t be happier! Thank you so much!"

More kind words:

"This guy is beyond cute, super soft & a wonderful size! Very well made & exceptional customer service!"

More kind words:

Find your Woog in a way that works best for you! Swing by one of the local markets to see, feel, hug and adopt your woog in person, or check out my online shop, where your woog could be waiting for you! Don't see your perfect match? Feel free to contact me with your idea(s) and we can work together to bring your inner Woog to life. 

ways to adopt your own woog!

Your Wild Woog has to call to you, fit into your heart in a special way. If you haven't found your match yet, or have an idea you'd like brought to life, I am here to work with you! Custom Woogs can be keepsakes made from a loved one's clothing, or made for a special event. Maybe you want your woog to fit a specific theme, or represent a certain someone etc. Lets work together to make the Woog of your life a reality. 

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