Get to know Natalie Carr

My name is Natalie Carr, and I am a painter, a crafter, and the creator of Wild Woogs. 

Creating has been a way of life for me, and my mediums have ebbed and flowed with whatever works best for the now. Sometimes that’s been living close to campus and having access to kilns and studios for messy oil paints, other times it’s easier to pack colored pencils into a backpack and travel from country to country. Sometimes it’s been tight quarters living in a van where acrylic paint makes sense. Wherever I am, I find a way to create something!

My monsters started back in 2014 while teaching English in Ayutthaya, Thailand. I had endless amounts of plastic bags—everyone did—so I started to sculpt and tape bunches of plastic bags together to form the base of many sculptures. These evolved into my first series of recycled monsters, sculpted from a plastic base, painted, and covered with fake fur. From there, the process continued to grow with each new location I lived, which includes New Hampshire; Santa Fe, NM; Bellingham, WA; and currently, the place I’ve called home for past year, Stowe, VT. 

For the past 4 years, I have put full focus on my artwork, devoting my time to custom painted pet portraits and of course, my Wild Woogs. I hope you enjoy my most recent creations, as I think I’ve finally nailed it!